What Is This Place?

Updated 4/14/20

What is this place? It’s a musical blog. I offer my music and some thoughts on what I’m learning along my journey as a singer and a voice teacher. Welcome! 

It’s been a year and a few months since I began this blog and it's been a challenging and rewarding process seeing it take shape. My overall mission through my work remains to put positivity out into the world. I still find sharing to be a challenge, but I’m doing it with increased frequency, especially since I created an Instagram account over the summer (come find me there too!). I don't believe that my music and my thoughts are exceptional, but quite the opposite. I think we all have a great deal in common, and so perhaps what I have to say will resonate with you in some way. That is my sincere hope.

Here are some examples of the kinds of things you will find here:
  • A wide range of music (musical theater, folk, classical/baroque, etc.)
  • Books I am reading
  • Collaboration with other musicians
  • Vocal pedagogy ponderings and discussions
  • Positivity and Encouragement


Original "About This Blog Post" 9/11/2018

Why am I doing this? The idea for this blog was borne of my need for catharsis after so many years of university music training, during which I developed an acute fear of performance and a strong, persistent belief that what I had to offer was inadequate. Ever since I began the “serious” study of classical music at 18, I have largely avoided public performance because of the fear that my voice is not yet ready, not good enough. Now that I’m a few months removed from my master’s graduation I have the space to acknowledge that I may never feel ready, because I’ll always be striving to be better, to know more. I also have realized that there is a disconnect between how I treat my students and how I treat myself- I wholeheartedly believe in the beauty and value of each of my student’s voices, and yet I find it difficult to believe in my own voice. So with this in mind I’ve decided it's time to share.