Thankful for the Music

October 2020:  I'm no longer going to update this blog, but will continue sharing my work via Instagram and Youtube. This page will remain live as a historical record of the journey. 

From my Instagram announcement: "A little over two years ago I did something I never thought I would do. I started a blog and began to regularly share my music and thoughts on social media. 😬 A couple of months removed from the confines of academia (having just completed a masters degree at NYU), it was time to begin a new chapter in my story as a singer- a chapter in which I worked against the fear, self-doubt, and negative inner dialogue that had stifled my creative spirit and my voice for so many years; and a chapter in which I treated myself with the same love and encouragement that I treated the singers I work with. I named the blog “Thankful for the Music,” which was a bit of a nod to an ABBA song I’d been singing at the time and mostly a reflection of the gratitude that remains at the center of the work I do.

I shared a wide range of content, from Bach to the Beatles, and lots in between. The quality of the content and the recording capacity ebbed and flowed over time, and some of it was even pretty good 🙃

I’ll be revisiting some of my favorite moments here over the next few weeks to reflect back and to lay the foundation for whatever the next chapter holds. I’m no longer going to update the blog, but its spirit will live on here on instagram. I will continue to challenge myself to share, not because I believe my music and thoughts are exceptional, but because the opposite is true. I believe we all have a great deal in common, and my hope is that what I create will resonate with you in some positive way. For anyone who’s interested in checking it out, the full historical record of the blog lives on my website (link in bio)."