I Will- The Beatles Cover Challenge Continues

I'm finally getting back to working on my project to learn every single Beatles song, and I have a new one to share. It's such a sweet little piece from The White Album called "I Will." 
"I Will" 
I originally thought I'd try to work through the albums in chronological order, but with Mike's birthday last week inspiring me to learn "Birthday," I ended up being drawn in a different direction. And I also realized that the very first song I ever recorded to share on this blog, "Blackbird" is from The White Album too!

It's been a little over a year since I began this blog, and I look forward to its continuation. If you are interested in what compelled me to start the blog in the first place, please check out my About This Blog page. 

And finally, I'd love to collaborate with you!! In preparing this post I also got organized, creating a Beatles Checklist to track my progress.  Take a look at the list and let me know if you'd like to collaborate on a song or two :) For now, here are the other two songs from The White Album I have covered. Looking forward to tackling the rest of the album soon!
Happy "Birthday" Mike  9/22/19

"Blackbird" from 9/12/19