For Now

The inspiration for this musical post came from one very bad haircut. 

I won’t waste your time with too many details of the pathetic saga, but allow me to say the haircut that was not at all what I expected and that I was miserably unhappy with it. While I was deeply aware of the superficiality and relative insignificance of my problem, for days after the cut I could not seem to snap myself out of my grief.

Then, walking to the studio to teach one day in the week of the fateful haircut, the lyrics of “For Now,” the finale number from the musical Avenue Q, popped into my head and I smiled. Give this a listen and I think you’ll see why:

Everything in life is only for now! I still hate my hair, but it's growing (I can now put it back in a tiny ponytail which feels like a major win), and I've started a fun collection of hats and scarves to wear😂. These lyrics are a great reminder to not dwell on the negative things that inevitably will occur in life, and going a step further, they can encourage us to focus on gratitude for all of the beautiful, joyful, positive things instead. 

Here is a list of a few things I'm feeling grateful for at this moment, in no particular order. Make your own list and post it in the comments if you'd like!

1. Music
2. Our ability to grow and improve throughout life 
3. Good coffee 
4. Lyricists and composers of music 
5. Feeling loved and cared for
6. My students
7. Hats
8. Electricity and air conditioning
9. You


  1. 1. The remaining weeks of summer
    2. You and Michael are coming in September!
    3. The ability to go visit my friends who live far away
    4. My house
    5. My cat
    6. The ole fam bam and boyfriend
    7. I have enough money to be comfortable
    8. The farm share that brings me veggies
    9. New textbooks to teach with
    10. Plants


  2. 1. my health and fitness
    2. my children
    3. my dad and bros, and whole extended fam in CT
    4. memories of my awesome mom
    6. my job
    7. my friends
    8. air conditioning
    9. coffee
    10. my ability to jump on a plane and visit Kate and Mike in NYC, and especially that Mike is so nice about it
    10. summers off


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