Please Please Me (Beatles Cover Challenge)

Here it is! My covers of The Beatles debut album, Please Please Me. So I'm two days past my self-imposed deadline (I picked March 22 because that was the date in 1963 that the album was first released) but I did the best I could, learning a lot of new material in just a few weeks! Some are straight-forward, some are wacky, and some feature special guests! For those of you who really know this album, you'll notice a few tracks missing. That's because this first album of theirs contained quite a few covers and I chose to only record the Beatles' original work. I hope you enjoy :) Feel free to comment on what you liked (or didn't!)

"I Saw Her Standing There" 
featuring my student, Jay Pagirsky


"Ask Me Why" 
piano instrumental

"Please Please Me" 
featuring my student, Emma Fewer

"Love Me Do" 
in 6/8 time

"P.S. I Love You" 

"Do You Want To Know A Secret" 
-a silly "classical" version sung in a rock
band rehearsal space

"There's A Place" 
(for us) 


  1. I just binged watched it twice - so fun! I like how you mixed it up with different styles - oh my gosh classical Do You Want To Know a Secret (what??) and the haunting Love Me Do. I loved watching your students sing with you, just makes me smile! I'd have to say my favorite is There's a Place - I've never heard that and I thought I'd heard them all. It's a happy song, and I like your nod to West Side Story :) Thank you for the entertainment!


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