Greatest Showman Medley

        🎪  So last Saturday I took a last minute substitute teaching gig at a musical theater school for kids. One of the classes was working on this medley from The Greatest Showman. It's actually written in four parts (TTBB), and obviously I am neither a tenor nor a bass, but I learned it in preparation for teaching it and then decided to record and share because medleys are super fun. Enjoy! Full disclosure- I haven't actually seen this movie yet... But I requested the DVD from the library and plan to remedy that situation asap.

P.S. For now I am attempting to keep myself on track for sharing a video every two weeks, no matter how strongly the voice teacher inside of me yells that I'm still not ready and that I'll be better tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. But two weeks really fly by fast and so I may end up posting less frequently, or perhaps occasionally more frequently. But anyway, I don't want you all to get tired of hearing from me, so maybe a bit more space between posts wouldn't be so bad. Also, I know my video/audio situation isn't excellent right now, but I'm just working with what I have for now (my phone) until I decide to invest in something of better quality. Thanks for being here!


  1. Thanks for sharing this Kate - I didn't know this show. You are your own worst critic; know that we enjoy your voice and your performances greatly and keep putting them out there. Nice job!


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